With its many years of experience in pipe fabrication, Eagle Claw Fabrication, LLC. is bringing to the market a superior product "THE CLAWTM"

THE CLAWTM is a patented (US Patent #6,729,832) accessory attachment configured for telehandlers and lift equipment, which allows the movement and manipulation of pipe and sub-assemblies. THE CLAWTM does not require the location of personnel in the vicinity of the lifted items for control of the rigging. The work area may be cleared of all personnel.


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The Claw frabricated by Eagle Claw Fab


Eagle Claw Fabrication, LLC. is bringing to the market a superior product that has a proven track record after several years of use by one of the largest pipe fabricators in the U.S.A.

THE CLAWTM interfaces with host equipment by the "Quick Attachment" feature as equipped on the host machine. Hydralic power to actuate THE CLAWTM is provided by quick-coupling the hydraulic attachments to the host equipment, and operating the accessory by the auxiliary circuit controls located in the cab.

" Meeting industry equipment needs for the future...and beyond "

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  • Multiple advantages
  • Increased safety in work areas
  • Reduced work crew to off-load pipe
  • Reduced handling time to handle pipe
  • Flexibility to handle pipe assemblies
  • Handle multiple diameters of pipe
  • Off-center lift capabilities

The fastest, safest way to
load & offload piping systems.

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